Esplanade, Prague overblik

Esplanade, Prague detaljer

Esplanade, Prague hotel detaljer

Esplanade Praha, is located right in the heart of Prague´s historical centre. The
accommodation is situated across the Prague State Opera and has been a meeting
point for the city´s cultural and business life for nearly 80 years. This
famous Prague hotel has a unique historical atmosphere, combined with
ultra modern comfort. Elegance reveals at the Hotel Esplanade. Built in 1927,
this hotel is a legendary place capturing the essence of that past time.

The Esplanade Prague offers many facilities for your convenience. Business guest can use the wireless connection in the accommodation, rent audio/visual equipment or book the meeting rooms. There are also options for photo copying and more secretarial services. For the family visits, it is useful to know the Esplanade offers a babysitting service and more, for guests with children. Buy the best gifts in the shop: the accommodation has an extensive selection of Bohemia Chrystal. Many other amenities and facilities can be found listed below. Enjoy a romantic walk through the historical part of Prague or go shopping in the main streets or romantically stroll through the cobble paths of historical Prague.

The rooms in Esplanade Prague are comfortable, and come equipped with many
facilities such as air-conditioning, maid service, room service and more. Some
rooms have great views on the city. All rooms are secured with an electronic key
system and an additional locking device.