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          Bourgogne or Burgundy is home to some of France’s greatest wines. People who stay at Bourgogne hotels relish the rural atmosphere of the area. You can leave hotels in Bourgogne to follow across the peaceful countryside to visit the vast monastery ruins of Cluny. This is one of the many structures constructed in this area, one of the great church-building areas in the Middle Ages. For many tourists staying for a weekend, Bourgogne means exploring Romanesque churches and sipping wine. Consult for suitable Bourgogne cheap hotels for an economical visit to the region. If you book in at discount hotels, Bourgogne and its wine may be a little easier on your finances.Another of the draws of Bourgogne is the countryside. Hikes in the area allow you to see the undulating hillsides covered with grass and blooms. There are old stone walls, classic chateaux and forested areas where oak and beech provide shade from the sun. Bourgogne has hidden streams, simple basilicas, winding canal paths, great food, and better wine.