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The Cyclades Islands, once active now quietly offer the chance to explore the black sand beaches of Santori or the multi-colored pebbled beaches of Milos. Explore for a weekend, the Cyclades Islands can provide you with everything from wild nightlife to the quiet of its mountain trails. Climb the sheer heights of the cliffs of Amorgos or hike from the Xombourgo Venetian fortress up the twin peaks of Mount Exobourgo. There are many things to do in this region of Greece. Visit the Church of the Assumption on Syros Island with its early work by the as yet unknown El Greco. Naxos Town has a Byzantine Museum while Paros offers visitors its Valley of the Butterflies. Climb the cliffs of Amorgos to visit the Horoviotissas Monastery at its top or go to Paleopolis to see its ruins of an ancient stadium, theater and little stone houses.