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      Italian Riviera Details

      There’s so much to see and do on the Italian Riviera besides soaking up the sun of course. The elegant coast offers Cinque Terre which is composed of 5 villages you can walk between if you like to hike. You can also kayak or even go cliff jumping. If you like calmer activities you can shop and visit museums like the Aresenale Militare Marittimo or visit the Roman ruins Castel Govone. There’s also many palazzos you can visit such as Via Garibaldi. When you go for a weekend, Italian Riviera activities can be as slow and peaceful or as busy and exciting as you choose.It’s easy to take advantage of the activities when you start from one of the Italian Riviera hotels. The hotels in Italian Riviera cities cater to tourists and are staffed with friendly and helpful personnel. You can even find Italian Riviera cheap hotels that provide quality service and accommodations. From discount hotels, Italian Riviera look all the more inviting. There are medieval churches that shouldn’t be missed such as the Chiesa Santa Maria di Castello with a labyrinth of chapels and cloisters. Of course, you will want to also enjoy the Italian Riviera nightlife at one of the many clubs or restaurants. You can book an affordable room at