Le Pradey, Paris Überblick

Le Pradey, Paris Details

Le Pradey, Paris Hotel Details

Its refinement, elegance and discreet sophistication beckon patrons to discover the treasures of Paris, to which it opens the way. In the immediate vicinity of Le Pradey lie the extremely chic rue Saint-Honoré, the little-known Saint Roch church and the alluring Louvre, all of which in their own way have left their mark on the hotel’s 28 rooms and suites.

Right down to the last detail, Le Pradey has been designed to create a warm, friendly atmosphere, embodying a stroll through Paris in the different worlds of its various ambiances. No sooner have patrons stepped through the door than they feel they are visiting family or friends. All those involved in the life of the hotel have always kept well-being, enjoyment and a warm welcome at the centre of their efforts. At Le Pradey there’s a warm, friendly atmosphere, accompanied by attentive, straightforward service which invites guests to really settle in.

In this setting, where fashion is everywhere and the ephemeral is de rigueur... Le Pradey invites you to enjoy its 28 timeless rooms and suites - the best place to stay in the neighbourhood...