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      Algeria can be found on the beautiful Mediterranean coastline. Along with sun and fun in the warm months, Algeria is also known for its rich history. Inland sites reflect this North African countrys ties with the ancient Berbers and Arabs. Three major attractions are on the UNESCO World Heritage List - The MZab, the Djemila, and the Tassili nAjjer. MZab is a unique collection of cities in the Sahara Desert. The cities are located on a limestone plateau and served as fortresses beginning in the 10 century. Modern urban planners look to MZab when planning todays suburbs.

      Tassili nAjjer is known for its cave art, over 15,000 examples, many which date to 6,000 B.C. The earliest examples depict migration patterns and human life. Djemila is a rare example of how a classic Roman town can exist in the mountains of Algeria. Visitors can tour the ruins of the forum, the temple, the basilica, the triumphal arch, and more. A visit to Tlemcen should be included on any itinerary. This once imperial city is the location of a grand Islamic mosque. Parts of the building can be dated to the 11th century.