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    Bahrain is the only island state in the Arab world. It is on the Gulf coast, an archipelago of some 33 islands. An arid land rich with oil and gas resources, it offers tourists a somewhat liberal version of the Arab states. A favorite with Arabic tourists, it is increasingly becoming popular with other visitors. They frequently elect to stay in a Bahrain hotel in the capital city of Manama. From here, they can explore the rest of the island. A good place to start is in Bahrain’s National Museum. Within you will discover the ancient history of the land, including a reconstructed burial mound. From your hotel in Bahrain, wander off to the Museum of Pearl Diving or to the Beit al-Quran. The latter is a large collection of Qurans. Nearby, is the Al-Fatih Mosque - the largest structure in the country.Near many Bahrain hotels is the Bahrain Fort. For the full effect, be sure to see it at sunrise. Also on your list should be the Barbar Temple, the historic residence of Al-Jasra and the Al-Areen Wildlife Park. The Park contains indigenous and North African species of animals. For a day trip, try the Muharraq Islands. Here, you can view traditional homes. Let ensure you locate the most suitable hotels in Bahrain.