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          Thailand, Laos and Vietnam surround it. It touches the Gulf of Thailand and is watered by the Tonlé Sap. The dominant River is the Mekong. There are few true mountains and one flat plain. This is Cambodia. Slowly emerging from the terror of the Khmer Rouge regime, it is beginning to embrace its national character. You will have no problems locating a hotel in Cambodia, nor will you find it hard to become a fascinated tourist in this land. You may gape in admiration at the throne room of the Royal Palace in the capital of Phnom Penh. You will also coil in horror at the memorial to the dead of the Killing Fields. This is a tall Glass Tower on site filled with the bones and cracked skulls of men, women and children.Cambodia is full of life and the reminder of death. It combines modern and ancient architecture. You can visit the ancient 7th century temples of Sambor Prei Kuk or the Royal City of Angkor Thom. There is also the modern rendition of the old in the Silver Pagoda. This stunning work features Italian marble steps and an interior floor of 5,000 plus silver blocks. Cambodia is also the natural beauty of the powdery white beaches of Koh Kong Island and the Phnom Khieu Waterfall. There is the biggest fresh-water lake of Southeast Asia, the Tonlé Sap and the enormous trees of Kirilom National Park. Let provide you with a list of hotels in Cambodia. Staying in a Cambodia hotel, you will become learn much about the history and culture behind this country.