Hotels in Eritrea

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Eritrea Details

Budget hotels in Eritrea are situated along the Red Sea. The Eritrea coast is one of North Africas most sought after holiday destinations. Snorkeling and scuba diving are popular and visitors can go by hired boat to out islands like Green Island. Massawa is a historical port city and some of the old town and ruins are still standing. The old town is situated on Batsi Island and is composed of coral buildings in the Ottoman style.Remote sites are also near discount hotels in Eritrea. Tselot is a small town in the Eritrea highlands. Visitors will feel as if they have stepped back in time when they arrive and see villagers in traditional dress, stone houses, and ancient worship sites. Even more remote is Nafka. Though it is far from the coast it is a trendy tourist destination. Nafka sits an amazing 2,000 feet above sea level in the Sahel Mountain Range. However, these mountains do not look like traditional mountains, they resemble mounds or hills.