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Cool mountains dominate the interior. The coastal regions are mere humid fringes. Nearby are the pleasurable diving areas of the Bay Islands. This is Honduras. On one side is the Gulf of Honduras; on the other side is the Pacific Ocean. The country is neighbored by Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua. While Honduras has 18 different departmental divisions, the thing to remember is its specific global attractions. Honduras has a reputation for inexpensive scuba diving, river rafting, mountain treks and ecotourism. With a growing interest in the region, it is not difficult to find a hotel in Honduras.

Whatever your choice, consider what Honduras has to offer. Roatan, one of the 3 Bay Islands, has an immense coral reef, perfect for diving. The capital city of Tegucigalpa provides visitors with several museums to explore and the Chiminikee, a Science Museum and Park for children. There is also the marvelous Eastern Cloudforest of Sierra de Agalta and the Río Plátano biosphere. This is a national reserve including remote and marshy wetlands. Visit a Garafuna Village. The Garifuma people are a glimpse into a living past.