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Nicaragua Details

Nicaragua is a place of tropical rainforest, lakes and volcanoes. It consists of 15 districts, some landlocked, others touching the waters of the Pacific Ocean or Caribbean Sea. This Central American country neighbors Honduras and Costa Rica. Its capital city is Managua. Popular Nicaraguan destinations include Granada, the Corn Islands and San Juan del Sur. Granada proves to be a popular destination. It has wide streets, a leafy Parque Central and the grandiose Cathedral de Granada. Visit the Convento and Museo San Francisco or the lively Mercado Municipal (market). You can also wander the sands of the beaches of the Corn Islands. Little Corn and Big Corn feature sandy, pristine beaches. The Village of El Castillo features interesting wooden houses on stilts. There are also the towering cliffs of the seaside town of San Juan del Sur. Stop by the market town of Masaya. Here, you can also plan to visit the Parque Nacional Vólcano Masaya. Another option for nature lovers is the Indio Maíz Biological Reserve.