Hotels in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea Details

Papua New Guinea is a lovely island has miles of pristine coastline and dense interior jungle for the delight of adventuring tourists. The capital of Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby, has lush Zoological Gardens and a modern museum. The Koki Market is located at the port on the harbor where local merchants sell goods from their lakatois, or boats. Outside of the city are many coastal towns where diving and other water sports reign. In Mandang, visitors can scuba dive and surf during the day and enjoy the flying foxes at night: every evening a cadre of fruit bats patrols the shoreline, locally known as the flying foxes. The interior of the region is composed of highlands. Until the early 20th century the inhabitants of the area had no contact with white men but are now welcoming. A local festival, the Sing Sing Fest, is world famous for celebrating the interior tribes culture.