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      Divided into two distinct geographical districts by the Paraguay River, Paraguay is a country of thick forest and cultural treasures. This is a wide expanse of thorn, savannah and scrub trees. This is a haven for bird watchers. The citys oldest structure, currently houses a small museum. Another popular addition to the Paraguay itinerary is to visit Parque Nacional Ybicuy. It lies amidst rainforest-covered hills. Here, you can see tumbling waterfalls and hike along winding trails. Another choice is to head for the old stone ruins of a lost 18th century Jesuit Utopia at Trinidad and Jesus. For an impressive look at modern Paraguay, go to the gigantic dam Itaipú Dam. It is among the largest hydroelectric projects in the world. Also on your list should be a boat trip down the Rio Paraguay. There are also several other National Parks and the Biological Refuge Tatí Yupí in South Paraguay. Remember, in Paraguay, it is always handy to have a dictionary handy. Spanish is in common usage even in tourist destinations.