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      The British Virgin Islands present a challenge for a visitor. With 60 or more islands and cays, where do you begin your journey Do you start with the rugged terrain of the volcanic islands or on the flattish coral islands In some ways, it does not matter. Prepare to go diving or snorkeling around Anegada. This atoll has some excellent snorkeling off Loblolly Bay. Here you'll find shallow reefs, perfect for viewing the wide range of underwater flora and fauna. Cooper Island is best around Manchioned Bay. On Guana Island, you can snorkel, but you should also visit the wildlife sanctuary. Go diving off the major island of Tortola. Try for Alice in Wonderland near Ginger Island. The Indians, near Pelican Island will provide you with excellent views of colorful coral reefs amidst wild grottos and canyons. On land, you can hike Sage Mountain National Park. For a change, visit the capital city of the British Virgin Islands, Road Town. See Fort Burk and wander the J.R. ONeal Botanic Garden, before you head back to a beach. Make time for The Baths on Virgin Gorda. These immense granite boulders form an unlikely maze extending beyond the shore to the sea. Swim in the pools they create. You can locate more of these enormous boulders in Little Fork National Park. For another getaway, you can also try Jost Van Dyke, a small island treasure of lush greenery and mountains. Rent a kayak or a water bike. Go to White Bay or Sandy Cay. So much to do; too much to see at one time.