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      Encamp is a small town in the Principality of Andorra, a tiny independent nation located in the mountains between Spain and France. Encamp is high up in the mountains, and a funicular that leaves from the town extends even further up--all the way up to Lake Englasters, over 6 kilometers away. Skiing and other kinds of mountain tourism are the major activities here. The are also the town's major source of revenue. Many wealthy Europeans choose to live in Encamp because of Andora's low taxes.One point of interest in Encamp is the transmitter belonging to the now-defunct Radio Andorra. It is located on a remote mountain slope 1600 meters above sea level. Other Encamp attractions are the National Automobile Museum, and the Casa Cristo--a traditional house of the Andoran people, preserved for tourist appreciation. Visit websites like to find hotels in Encamp suitable to your budget. The site is especially useful to those looking for cheap and discount hotels in Encamp.