Hotels in Les Escaldes

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Les Escaldes Details

Andorra is not a very big country, but for what it contains, it has a large variety of places to visit and environments to enjoy, and the town of Les Escaldes is one of them. Located within the parish of Escaldes-Engordany, Les Escaldes is a town that embodies the diverse culture and relaxing atmosphere that has come to define Andorra. Tourists come here not only to enjoy the city itself but also to find some nice Les Escaldes hotels that provide a place to stay when they're looking to ski or to appreciate one of the local celebrations, such as the annual jazz festival.Located nearby is the capital city Andorra la Vella, which is host to a good selection of wonderful attractions. There, sightseers can appreciate the Valira river, St. Stephen Church, and the Government Exhibition Hall. Hotels in Les Escaldes are equipped with the information needed to take advantage of these local attractions and more, and invites you to find the hotel that does the most for you for the lowest cost.