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              The world of sports is full of fun and fast paced games and for visitors to Buenos Aires who would like to take in something new and different would do well by visiting the Polo Grounds. Like other sports, polo pits two teams together with an objective to make the most scores. What differs about polo is that the entire game is played on horseback. The addition of the animals makes for an interesting and challenging twist. Polo is fast paced, exciting, and fun to watch. The Polo Grounds in Buenos Aires is a popular place for polo fans to watch a match or even a full tournament. There are usually four tournaments that take place here a year.The Polo Grounds is a respected arena where many of Argentineans elite polo players first made their appearance. Situated next to other attractions such as shopping and the Botanical Gardens, visitors often attend a match at the Polo Grounds to round off their afternoon.

              Address: Avenida del Libertador, 4500, 1426 Buenos Aires, Argentina

              Phone: +54 11 4777-8005