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              Buenos Aires, as capital of Argentina has developed into one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This city is sometimes referred to as the Paris of South America and with its many spectacular buildings and rich culture, the nickname is pretty accurate. Visitors are stunned by the scale of architecture in Buenos Aires which has a diverse mixture of old and new buildings. One of the most amazing buildings in Buenos Aires is La Casa Rosada.Located in Plaza de Mayo, La Casa Rosada is a grand sweeping governmental building where the Argentinean President resides while working. The translation of La Casa Rosada is The Pink House and as the name suggests, this building is pink. Constructed in the 1800s there was some debate as to what paint the structure. In a unifying gesture between the two controlling political parties of the time symbolized by the colors of white and red, the palace was painted pink. Perhaps most known for the famous Evita Peron, visitors are able to see the famous balcony along with a museum that delves deeper into the history of La Casa Rosada. This building is exquisite and breathtaking in visual qualities alone. The history and appearance makes La Casa Rosada a must see for any vacation.

              Address: Balcarce 50, 1064 Buenos Aires, Argentina

              Phone: +54 11 4344-3600