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              Costanera Sur National Park Details

              Visiting downtown Buenos Aires does not have to be art museums and shopping plazas. The Costanera Sur National Park is conveniently located next to the center of Buenos Aires and includes the native flora, fauna, and wildlife that can be found all throughout Argentina. Bird-lovers love the Costanera Sur National Park for its selection of wild birds including the graceful Black-necked swans and the Gallinule that can be observed and watched. These birds can be found in any of the three lagoons that are located in the National Park. Guided tours are available for tourists or first time visitors. There are various trails and paths that can be explored with picnic areas along the way.The Costanera Sur National Park was partially created by filling in parts of the local river to provide space. As such the area attracts native birds and migratory species that come to Buenos Aires for many of the same reasons tourists do; relaxation and the chance to discover paradise among the metropolis.

              Address: Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

              Phone: +54 11 4893-1853