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              Visitors who have seen the sights of Argentina and still crave for something more or for those with their heads in the clouds can turn their eyes upward at the heavens. The Galileo Galilei Planetarium is the perfect way to see the celestial bodies and wonders of space from the comfort of an air conditioned room while remaining firmly planted on Terra Firma. Jupiter, Saturn, the distant universes are not so out of reach at the Planetarium which provides guests the opportunity to learn and experience the most fascinating locals in the galaxy. There are plenty of activities to occupy the mind and time of everyone who visits no matter the age.Some activities are only available during a certain day, such as the Telescope which will provide guests the chance to see that black void every Sunday while the Sun Tent occurs each Sunday. Children of all ages and those young of hear with a taste for exploration and the unknown will love the Galileo Galilei Planetarium.

              Address: Av Sarmiento, 1425 Buenos Aires, Argentina

              Phone: +54 11 4771-6629

              Open hours: 9:30 am - 5:00 pm