Hotels in The Fuente de las Nereidas Fountain

              The Fuente de las Nereidas Fountain Details

              Costanera Sur is a neighborhood of Buenos Aires known for its warmth and artistic flavor which features several shops and places for visitors and locals to enjoy. Culture and art is very important in all of Argentina so it is no unusual to see sculptures from famous and underground artists. In Costanera Sur The Fuente de las Nereidas Fountain, or Sea Nymphs Fountain, is an astounding work of art that has caused its fair share of controversy but is now accepted as a National Historic Monument.Created by Lola Mora the Sea Nymphs Fountain depicts the goddess of love, Venus rising from the ocean with nymphs and tritons about her. Placed by a jetty in 1903, many had a problem with Moras bold depiction of nude figures though later on in 1918, the fountain became accepted and appreciated. For those that are shopping or sight seeing in Costanera Sur should stop by the Sea Nymphs Fountain.

              Address: Av. Dr. T. Achával Rodríguez 1600, C1107ACR Buenos Aires, Argentina