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    The beautiful country of Argentina is home to a rich culture and many famous sights and attractions, and it's truly due to places such as Neuquén. You can found lots to discover in this geographically and culturally rich area. Stratovolanco Lanin is one of the most majestic mountains that can be found in this region. There's also Lanin National Park that is great for relaxing with what nature has to offer. Check out the immense Hidroelectric Dam in El Chocon to see why it's the third most important one in the country, and don't forget to see Lake Alumine too.Neuquén is a locale rich with sights bound to be well known by the inquisitive tourist. Given this, you will want to reserve your discount Neuquén hotel as soon as possible. To meet that need, you need to use the services of valuable Neuquén hotel reservations, ensuring the finest room at the greatest price, are guaranteed.