Hotels in Neuquén

      Neuquén Details

      Neuquén is one of the most popular cities in Argentina to visit, especially if you enjoy seeing grand churches and the lush scenery of a beautiful town. Walking downtown from your hotel in Neuquén, you will find a very impressive fountain you'll have plenty of spare change to throw in as well, after you book a discount Neuquen hotel with From there, the city has many fine authentic Argentinean restaurants to try as well as fabulous shopping centers, so the choice is yours where to start your journey.

      Taking a long stroll along the Neuquén River is a great way to spend a day in Argentina, because it allows you to take in all the sights of this beautiful town and country, and is a fabulous way to relax and get away from your troubles. In addition to the grand fountain and the flowing Neuquén River, one must visit the Neuquén Roman Catholic Church. The grand windows and façade of this wonderful old church are well worth the visit to the city in and of themselves.