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          Estancia Cristina Details

          Argentina has the benefit of having both tropical and glacial attractions. In the southern portion of this country near El Calafate is Estancia Cristina. Located in the Parque Nacional Los Glaciares, the Glacier National Park, visitors here can see one of the greatest national resources, the glacier. Visitors are able to hike the area and even take horses to see the breathtaking panorama of ice and mountains. Unspoiled natural beauty is the greatest sight in Estancia Cristina. The ice fields, towering glaciers, spanning mountain ranges, and crystalline lakes all make for an unforgettable excursion.Estancia Cristina is less than an hour drive from El Calafate. Visitors can take buses or taxis to this area. There are several packages here offering visitors differing activities and meals. Sailing along the icebergs and attending the museum are among the favorite of activities for guests. Estancia Cristina is a cold region so visitors are advised to bring jackets and scarves.

          Address: Av. Libertador 1037, El Calafate 9405, Argentina