Hotels in Largo Argentino Airport

          Largo Argentino Airport Details

          As El Calafate in southern Argentina becomes more popular with tourists a need for a new airport was recognized. This area has many natural wonders including the Glaciers National Park and the largest lake in the country; Lake Argentina. Not only this, but El Calafate has become a town much loved by international visitors for its amenities and luxuries. The Lago Argentino Airport opened in 1999 and is a modern structure with the common needs and services that any airport should have. There are shops, small restaurants, and cafes for visitors that need a little diversion before or after a flight. The Lago Argentino Airport is located near El Calafate and is easily reached. Buses, taxis, and rental cars are available to go into town. Visitors who want to exclusively visiting El Calafate or for those traveling from another park of Argentina will love flying into the Lago Argentino Airport.