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The city of Robe, Australia is in the South East Limestone Coast of South Australia. The city is a wonderful retreat from the busy modern city. It is a smaller town with an expansive fishing port. Here, you will find old buildings and the ocean. There are several large fishing fleets in the area. However, the area is still very dense in terms of forested area. Spend a day in the forest hiking and looking for wildlife and spend the next day surfing, boating or just enjoying the beaches. You will find the Guichen Bay to be the ideal place to visit. You can find discount hotels in Robe, Australia in this area.With only about 700 people calling the city of Robe home, visitors will still find a very small town to enjoy. The Robe Lighthouse is available for tours. The main street down the center of town offers restaurants, shopping and a few small historical buildings to tour. You can stay at the cheap hotels in Robe, Australia in this area.