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The town of Bruck an der Mur lies at the confluence of the Murz and Mur rivers in the region of Styria in Austria. This is an industrial and commercial center that dates back to Roman times, when it was called Poedicum. This town was once famous for its skilled blacksmiths. Their ironwork is now a main attraction. Of particular interest is the 17th century iron well with an intricate wrought iron canopy made by a local master named Hans Prasser. he old town hall, with its attractive arcaded courtyard, stands in the main square, called Koloman-Wallisch Platz. The towns most beautiful building is the late Venetian Gothic Kornmesserhaus which was built in 1505. Also of interest are the 16th century Apothecarys House and the dainty Romanesque Church of St. Rupert. The church is nestled in an ancient graveyard and has an interesting 15th century fresco of the Last Judgment in which the souls of the damned are subjected to rather unique torments. Above the town are the ruins of Landskron Fortress. The only remaining feature is the bell tower.