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Deutschlandsberg is a town of about 8000 people in the northern part of the district of Styria in southern Austria. Wine lovers come to discount hotels in Deutschlandsberg because it is in the heart of the Schilcher wine region, and is well known for its own vineyards and wineries. Schilcher wine is highly acidic and is said to be an acquired taste, but wine connoisseurs give it high marks. Sample it while youre here, and form your own opinion. Deutschlandsberg is a very historic town, dating back to at least 1153. It once belonged to the Prince Archbishop of Salzburg. The principal historic attraction is the enormous castle, Burg Landsberg. This well-restored fortification dominates the town. It is a 25-minute uphill walk from the center of town. Burg Landsberg is everything you would expect a medieval castle to be, from the formidable battlements right down to the creepy dungeons and torture chambers. The castle houses a museum called Archeo Norico which covers six floors. Here you can see swords, armor, and other medieval artifacts, in addition to prehistoric relics. History buffs will also want to see the local parish church, built between 1688 and 1701; and the 14th century Rathaus (town hall). Just outside Deutschlandsberg is the Deutschlandsberger Klause, a beautiful gorge that is a great place for an afternoon outing.