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You can spend a weekend in Eisenstadt, but will soon discover youll want more time to savor the ancient history of the town. Thats because there are so many interesting things to do in Eisenstadt. You can begin your visit by touring the Esterházy Palace built in 1364 by the Esterházy noble family. After the tour, youll want to visit the Esterházy Museum with its many rooms filled with centuries old artifacts documenting regal days of the past. Other area Esterházy attractions include the St. Martins Cathedral and the Haydn Church. The Haydn Church has an adjoining walkway called Calvary that is a major attraction and the focus of much Eisenstadt tourism. Haydn is memorialized in various ways in Eisenstadt and the annual International Haydn Days are recognized around the world as a major event. The Eisenstadt culture centers on Haydn and the city has become known as the Haydn Capital of the World.But tourism in Eisenstadt includes plenty of shopping opportunities too. Shopping in Eisenstadt is a popular pastime for local citizens and visitors alike. The town has created an area where no cars are allowed so you can leisurely shop and stroll to your hearts content. When you visit Eisenstadt you can also tour the Gloriette which is a 200 year old replica of a hillside Greek temple.