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      Visiting Feldkirchen is an experience not soon forgotten. Centrally located in Carinthia, the area holds something for everyone. You can go shopping in Feldkirchen at the Marienplatz or go swimming in the Maltschacher See. If you are more interested in Feldkirchen culture, there is the Castle and Park Nymphenburg or the Amthof in Feldkirchen, a 16th century building still used today for concerts and literary events. Other Feldkirchen attractions appeal to those who enjoy the outdoors or like being pampered. Feldkirchen sights are at their most spectacular when seen from a glider soaring over the valley. Things to do in Feldkirchen include cycling through the Glan Valley or visiting the local spa center. Tourism in Feldkirchen is a thriving industry that caters to the outdoors person who appreciates spectacular scenery like that found in the Pesenbach Valley Nature Preserve. During a weekend in Feldkirchen you can swim, ski, hike cycle, golf or simply sit and enjoy the beauty of the area.