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The first tobacco factory can be found in Fürstenfeld in an old castle. During a weekend in Fürstenfeld a visit to the 13th century Pfeilburg castle should be at the top of your list. As an important architectural piece of Fürstenfeld culture, theres also a museum which describes the fascinating history of the area. But Fürstenfeld tourism centers on much more than the castle. The thermal regional spas entice many people to visit the area for a relaxing vacation. There are many things to do in Fürstenfeld for those interested in a relaxing time without the hectic pace found in large cities. You can go shopping in Fürstenfeld and enjoy the many boutiques and local shops in the downtown district. The quaint buildings and casual cafés will make you want to stay for hours. Other Fürstenfeld attractions include the Lafnitz and Feistritz rivers and the unusual open air swimming pool which is found right in the middle of the East Styrian River. Many people visit Fürstenfeld just to enjoy the outdoor life which includes cycling, hiking and tandem parachute jumping. Fürstenfeld sights include herbal gardens and plenty of pubs where you can unwind and enjoy visiting with the locals.