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      Franciscan Monastery Details

      It is easy to locate the Franciscan Monastery. You can see the elegant steeple of its church. Unlike the typical Monastic tower, it is built to address issues of strategy. This steeple, after that of the Clock tower, is clearly the most visible and known tower in Graz. If you wander behind the nearby Parish church of Maria of Himmelfahrt, you will see the early Franciscan Monastery. It and the church sit on a very irregular square.The Franciscan Monastery began life as a Monastery for Minorite Friars in 1239. The Franciscans took over in 1515. The cloisters are Gothic, originally. You can visit them, wandering the peaceful garden within the cloisters. On the walls, you can read the names of various important personages, nobles and burghers, who lie interred here. The dates of the tombstones note the period to be from the 15th to the 18th century. Within the cloister, you can enter the private chapel of the Franciscans. St. James Chapel dates from 1320 to 1330. It, too suffered from architectural changes although it retains its Gothic heart.

      Address: Franziskanerplatz 14, 8010 Graz, Austria