Hotels in Mariae Himmelfahrt church

      Mariae Himmelfahrt church Details

      The Church of Maria Himmelfahrt is essentially a Gothic structure with various modifications over the years. The newer interior is not a surrender to changing architectural styles, but is the result of bomb damage during World War II. Inside, there are vestiges of the old Gothic origins and 20th century modifications and replacements. As a result, Maria of Himmelfahrt is a blend of the old and the new.

      The Church is a product of the Gothic era of architecture. You can still view its origins in its exterior and in some of its interior décor. The chancel is pure 14th century in its narrow and high lines. The low and wide nave, however, is the result of 20th century modifications after a bomb destroyed much of the interior. Builders restored the old vault, but modernized much of the rest of the interior. The stained glass windows are product of the post-war. The grey, cast iron cross that hovers above the altar in the chancel also dates from this period in time. The organ, by Schuke, a Potsdam company, is an even later addition. It only arrived in 2004.