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Hartberg has a long and intriguing history, stretching from the Neolithic period to the current day. The town is located in Styria, Austria with a small population of around 7,000 residents. The first written record of Hartberg was in 1286, although it is claimed that the town was founded in 1122 by Leopold I of Steyr. In the 1400's, it was overtaken by King Matthias Corvinus of Hungary. Today the town claims to be one of the prettiest county capitals in Austria - a claim that is supported by the number of tourists that are charmed by the city. There is much to see and do around town, including the 17th century church on the Kernstockplatz, which was built in 1654 by the Capuchin monks and was originally outside the citys walls. Today the church is located next to the Municipal Park, which is a charming place to wander and take in the natural beauty of Hartberg.Every continental European town worth its salt has a castle, and Hartberg lives up to expectations. It has a castle remodeled by Prince Paar in 1572. In the 17th century, the castle was again renovated in the renaissance style. In town there is also the ancient church of St Martin. It was originally a Roman church and was first mentioned in 1157, and in the 15th century Gothic elements were added to its aspect.