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A weekend in Imst usually includes a skiing excursion to the Imst ski resort when you visit in the winter. Imst is small but welcoming and a great place to spend some relaxing days. Though its located in the Alps, the climate is quite mild meaning Imst tourism is year round. You can enjoy the outdoor beauty in a number of ways including hiking, mountain climbing and snowboarding. There are plenty of things to do in Imst. One of the most interesting Imst attractions includes hikes to the spectacular ice fault of Easttirol. Or you can take a chairlift to the Alploch and decide how you want to spend your day in the mountains. You can also arrange guided tours and trips. If you prefer to learn more about the Imst culture, the 15th century parish church is a good place to start. Cultural and historical Imst sights include the Old World section of town and the Heimatmuseum. The center of town is also where you find the best shopping in Imst. Visiting Imst is a must for those who want to experience the Alps up close.