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Innsbruck Airport Details

Innsbruck Airport first opened in 1925 with its first international flight occurring in 1951. In 1983, they added a Helicopter First Aid Service. After expansion between 200 and 2004, the Airport could boast 41 charter lines in addition to scheduled flights. Destinations include Frankfurt, London, Hannover, Wien, Rotterdam and Graz. Charter flights include those to Denmark, Egypt, Finland, Great Britain, Ireland, Norway, Italy and Sweden. The airport is also home to 3 flight schools and/or aviation clubs.While waiting for a flight, you can shop in the Airport Shop or the Travel Value and Duty Free Shop. There are also several restaurants including the Café Ritazza and a bakery as well as Eurest (Fly In). You can rent a car, book a flight, arrange for a trip to any of the nearby ski resorts or head to downtown Innsbruck. A bus leaves every 15 minutes from the airport to the main train.

Address: Fürstenweg 180, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria

Code: INN

Phone: +43 512 225250