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Tiroler Landestheater Innsbruck Details

Innsbruck is a city or art and culture. There are many things to do within the boundaries of the city proper. You can shop, visit museums and admire the monumental buildings. You can also spend the evening attending an opera or a musical. One of the main venues for such performances is the Tiroler Landestheater Innsbruck. It is directly across from one of the citys familiar buildings, the Hofsberg.The architect of the Landestheater is Christoph Gumpp. He completed the work in the early 17th century. The 1629 building is modeled on Italian theaters, particularly those in Parma and Firenze. In 1884 to 1846, Guiseppe Segusini remade the theater in the neo-Classical form. In the foyer, you can see mosaics by Richart K. Fischer. The Landestheater, originally the Comedihaus, gained its new name following the conclusion of World War II. When it reopened under its new name, the audience of American sat to watch the play Wiener Blut by Johann Strauss, directed by Mr. Pless. Today, the theater provides audiences with a wide selection of materials from which to choose. There are theatrical dramas and comedies as well as operas, operettas and musicals. Some of the programs and presentations are intended to encourage the future theatergoers, children, to develop a taste for live productions.

Address: Rennweg 2, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria