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Ottoburg Details

Once the Gothic building of Ottoburg stood as part of a castle complex. It dates from the 15th century, a product of the requirements to fulfill the defensive needs of Maximilian I. It stood close to the City Wall. As part of the citys protective measures, it had a moat. The moat is long gone. Part of the city wall, however, remains near the Ottoburg. The buildings name is from Otto VIII, the then Duke of Andechs. Over the years, while owners have come and gone, only the use of the building has changed. Always a gray edifice, it still maintains its original color and architectural style. Today, there is little change, although it now sports bright white and red shutters. Inside, there are examples of excellent cross and stellar vaulting. In front of the Ottoburg, you can see a statue erected in memory of the 1809 Tyrolean freedom fighters. The sculptor is Christian Plattner.

Address: Herzog-Friedrich-Strae 1, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria