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Innsbruck Stadturm Details

The Stadturm or city Tower is a remnant of the 15th century. It is in the old or historic quarter of town. You can visit it to admire its simple architecture. You can also come to admire the view.The City Tower is the old watchtower for Innsbruck. From here, people could watch out for advancing armies, fires within the city and other forms of disaster. The second floor of the watchtower once held a prison. Over the centuries since its construction, the simple Gothic structure altered in form but slightly. The originally Gothic spire adopted the Baroque fashion. The current bulbous onion-shaped dome replaced the slender Gothic spikes. The rest remains a simple tower structure. If you have the energy and the time, climb up the 148 steps to the top of the Stadturm. It may be tiring, but you will have a panoramic view of the city below you.

Address: Herzog-Friedrich-Str. 21, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria

Phone: +43 512 59850