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Wilten Abbey Details

There is more to Innsbruck than the historic central core. Although it is easy not to venture out of town, it is frequently worth you while to do so. One place you might want to visit is in the suburb of Wilten. This is the Wilten Abbey.Wilten Abbey opened in the 12th century. For many years, however, it failed to flourish. Finally, in the 17th century, the abbey began to bloom. The Abbey began a building boom. Baroque structures flourished on the grounds. The interiors indicate the ornate Baroque style and the wealth of the Abbey during this time. Take time to visit St. Norberts Room. The frescoes, within, detail the life of this saint. They are by Kaspar Waldmann. Waldmanns work also adorns the Jagdzimmer. The Altemuttersal contains frescoes of exotic animals and 19th century landscapes. The painter is Franz Altmutter. You should also visit the Refectory. To round off the visit, try to gain entry into Wilten Abbeys Church St. Lawrence.

Address: Klostergasse 7, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria

Phone: +43 512 583048