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    The little town of Jennersdorf is the capital of the district of Jennersdorf in the Austrian province of Burgenland. In spite of its population of only 4200 people, it is an important administrative, educational, and economic center. The famous hot springs of nearby Loipersdorf draw thousands of people in need of their physical and spiritual curative powers. In and around Jennersdorf you can hike, cycle, camp, and generally relax. Family activities range from swimming to tennis. The area is also popular with sports fishermen. In some of the quaint inns here, Gypsy music can be heard in the evening. Visitors should be sure to see the Baroque church. Construction on it began in 1780, and was not completed until 1800. The churchs Neo-Gothic altar was not installed until 1904. This area has known human occupation since ancient times, and evidence of that can be seen in the 2000-year-old Illyrian Graves. Lovers of the arts should be sure to visit the Artists Village on the nearby Hungarian border.