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The community of Judenburg, with a population of about 10,500, is in the district of Styria in Austria. It was named for the Juden (Jews) who had a large commercial colony here in the 13th century. However, because of the anti-Jewish pogroms of the Emperor Maximilian in the 15th century, there is little evidence today of the once-thriving Jewish community. Ironically, the town declined after the Jews were driven out. However, visitors in discount hotels in Judenburg today will still find lively markets on Saturdays and Mondays. Dominating Judenburgs Hauptplatz is the 15th century symbol of the towns prosperity, the 75 meter (246 foot) Stadtturm. The lookout gallery at the top provides some stunning views.Judenburg is dramatically situated on a ridge overlooking the Murtal Valley. From your budget hotel in Judenburg you can explore this historic community and its environs. The Nikolauskirche (Church of St. Nicholas) dates back to before 1513. It was reconstructed in Baroque style in 1673, and later renovated again in Neo-Renaissance style. Inside are statues of the Twelve Apostles by Austrian artist Balthazar Brandstatter. There is also a small wooden Madonna and Child that dates back to 1500. In the dainty, 14th century Magdalenenkirche (Church of St. Mary Magdalene) you can see some beautifully restored Gothic stained glass windows. Here you can also see a monumental statue of St. Christopher with the Christ Child on his shoulder. Also be sure to see the local museum, and the nearby ruins of a Liechtenstein Castle.