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Parish Church Details

There are many places you can visit in the Tyrol to see lovely ecclesiastical structures. Sankt (Saint) Johann in Tirol is home to several churches. It has the Spitalkirsche in der Weitau, Gothic with a fine Rococo interior (1740). It also has the Parish Church. This is the Pfarrkirche (Parish Church) of Maria Himmelfarht.The Church of Maria Himmelfahrt (Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary) dates from 1723-1728. It lays no claim to either the Romanesque or the Gothic periods of architecture. It is pure Baroque in style and content. The exterior and interior are all of the same style. The interior features work by S. B. Faistenberger. He is responsible for the paintings and stuccowork. These include the magnificent vault paintings. The church has a small chapel, St. Anthonys. In it, you can see another Baroque fresco. The work is from a later date. It is by the artist Josef Schöpf (1803).

Address: Wieshoferstrae, 6380 St.Johann in Tirol, Austria