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    Some places seem to offer everything, and visiting Klagenfurt proves its one of those cities. Klagenfurt offers everything from skiing to shopping. When you spend a weekend in Klagenfurt, you can enjoy skiing day or night on the Schleppe-Alm. When you visit Klagenfurt, youll discover a beautiful world of sunny winter days and Mediterranean summers perfect for hiking trips. The Klagenfurt sights are always breathtakingly beautiful, especially when viewed from the top of a ski slope.Klagenfurt tourism attractions also include lots of shopping trips. The Old Town Walks take you though the areas of town where you can experience the 800 year old history Klagenfurt boasts. In the middle of the Renaissance buildings youll find modern day boutiques, and enticing coffee shops and restaurants beckoning you to sit for a while. Shopping in Klagenfurt means meandering trips through ancient market squares. When youre ready to learn more about Klagenfurt culture, there are many town museums and galleries containing Roman artifacts and historical exhibits. Klagenfurt attractions include the Museum of Modern Art, the Provincial Museum and the Armorial Hall. Other things to do in Klagenfurt also include the Klagenfurt Municipal Gallery and the Alpen-Adria Gallery.