Hotels in Ferlach

Ferlach Details

Ferlach is located in the Austrian state of Carinthia and the country’s southernmost town nestled in the lovely, green valley of the Drava River. The hotels in Ferlach offered at take best advantage of the beautiful surroundings with architecture that matches historic buildings in the village. It is best known for its manufacture of high quality rifles and in fact is home, appropriately, to the Rifle Museum which details the history of making these weapons. Guests of Ferlach hotels enjoy the typical views in any Austrian town – towering Alps mountains and glistening, clear lakes. In the summertime, swimming, fishing, and bicycling are all popular activities while the winter months are reserved for skiing and ice skating.When exploring the town, be sure to make plans to visit the Tscheppaschlucht gorge. A hike down a narrow trail and wooden bridge crossings over rapidly surging water ending at a tall waterfall. A short distance away in nearby Kirschentheuer is the Carnica Museum of Apiary, which contains exhibits about beekeeping, a traditional occupation in the Rosental Valley.