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The Church of the Holy Mother or Benedictine Church is another of the many churches in Klagenfurt that existed simultaneously with a monastery or nunnery. The Benedictine Church in Benedictinerplatz grew out of the need of the Catholic Carinthian nobility. Construction on this then Franciscan Church got underway in 1613. The master builders of the Church of Our Holy Mother were Adam Kolnig and Johann Baptist. The same duo was behind the construction of the Franciscan Monastery. As is the case with most churches, alterations, modifications and remodeling took place over the years after its initial construction. In 1807, the Benedictines took over with the inevitable adaptations of religious edifices. Yet, some of the original church remains intact. This includes the octagonal tower and stucco décor. The high altar dates from 1747. Be sure to stop and look at the various tombstone of the Carinthian aristocracy, including memorial plaques for the Lords of Herbertstein, and spend some time admiring the Crucifixion by Joseph Ferdinand Fromiller.