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The Domkirche or Cathedral in Klagenfurt has a checkered past. It began life as a Lutheran Church in the 16th century. Between 1581 and 1591, the Dom was the Trinity Church. The Protestants had control of it in 1591, but lost it to the Jesuits in 1604. The Jesuits, in turn, consecrated it and altered it. As St. Peter and St. Paul, it presented a different façade to the churchgoers in Klagenfurt. A major fire also saw a reconstruction in 1727.The late Gothic interior became Baroque. It was as a Baroque religious edifice that the Church became a cathedral in 1787.Inside, there is much to admire. There is the 18th century side altar painting of St. Ignatius, the work of Paul Troger. The high altar is monumental, the creation of Daniel Gran. It depicts St. Peter and St. Paul before their martyrdom while, above it, is the Trinity. The vault frescoes are by Josef Ferdinand Fromiller while the gallery stuccowork is from the hand of Kilian and Marx Josef Pittner.

Address: 9020 Klagenfurt, Austria

Phone: +43 463 54950