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In Viktring, near Klagenfurt, a monastery once stood. It now houses a Grammar School. Part of the Monastery was the Monastic church, Maria Himmelfahrt. It now is the Parish Church of the village of Viktring.The Monastic church dates from the 13th century. It has Romanesque barrel vaulting and pillars. This is unique not only in the region of Carinthia but also in Austria. The choir windows date from the 1400's. There are more than 50 stained glass windowpanes perfectly preserved. They possibly originated in the workshop of Herzogswerkstatt, Vienna. Alterations by Domenico Venchiaratti, a master builder in 1843, did not adversely affect the Church. It retains its 1622 Baroque monumental altar. It is a five-storey creation and reaches 16 meters high. This makes it Carinthias largest surviving altar from the early Baroque period. If you can, wander through the Bernard Chapel. In 1991, an amazing discovery revealed 40 panels of exquisite frescoes. These date from around 1500 dimensional look at Mary. The altar in this chapel is Baroque. It is intriguingly created from many different hued marble.

Address: Franz-Josef-Strae, 6130 Schwaz, Austria