Hotels in Dürnstein

Dürnstein Details

Dürnstein is one of the most popular and well-known tourist destinations in Lower Austria. While the permanent population of the town remains low at under 1,000, the village enjoys a steady stream of visitors throughout the year. The biggest draw card on the tourism front for the town, is the remains of the Dürrstein Castle, which is a photo opportunity waiting to happen. The castle is a short walk from most Dürnstein hotels and can be seen from most points within the can assist you with finding a Dürnstein hotel to suit your needs and budget, close to the tourist attraction which brought you to Dürnstein in the first place. Speaking of which, the monastery church is definitely worth a look when in town, as is the famous Convent of the Order of St. Clare. A special experience for many visitors is when they embark on a viewing of the Wachau from the waterfront – sights which are surely not replicated anywhere else in the world.