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Church of St. Oswald Details

Albach is a small picturesque community in Austria, lying prettily in a high mountain valley along the Alpbach River. While many come to see the site of the European Forum, it is worth exploring for other reasons. Alpbach has a lovely and interesting Pfarrkirche or Parish church dating from 1369. This is St. Oswald Parish Church. Its name comes from a Scottish King, St. Oswald. As is frequently the case with old churches, reconstruction did occur. The structure underwent alterations in 1500 and, again, in 1724. In 1724, it became Baroque. Enlarging the premises in 1954 did not alter the façade.In this case, the alterations do not detract from the beauty of the simple single spire church. In fact, they make a trip to see the church worthwhile. The naves are one notable feature. Their ceilings artfully display paintings by Christof Anton Mayr. They date from 1751. You should also spend some time in the presbytery. This area contains some excellent sculptures. They are from 1779 and are the work of Franz Zaver Nissel. The altars are the product of a local family, the Bletzacher. The 1777 organ by renowned Ferdinand Fuchs is distinctive for its sound quality.

Address: Pfarrkirche, Alpbach 6236, Austria